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Tarot Cups

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Cups represent your emotions; basically your love life and relationships with other people.

Cups are associated with anything emotional, from marriage to personal possessions and concerns. This also covers anything relating to partnerships, whether in a work or personal context.

Ace of Cups *

Tarot Ace of CupsThe Ace of Cups depicts the emergence of spirituality and the awakening of a new awareness of spiritual life. Let bliss in; open yourself to a new relationship.

The beginning of all good things, it is a card of close relationships, the family, lovers, rivals, premonitions, fears, memories, nostalgia, and most of all water is our unconscious. A huge cup is being offered to you in this card, and you are being invited to reach out to grasp it and drink from it.

II of Cups *

Tarot Two of CupsThe II of Cups shows the beauty and power that is created when two come together. This is the card that lovers want to see. It also indicates partnership and friendships. You will experience love and harmony with others that are close to you.

This card is indicative of romance and emotions; it also can represent the reconciliation of opposites now in mutual trust. When we see this card we know a new friendship, romance or partnership is going to begin. It shows that the person has an emotional affinity, sympathy and or joyous harmony with another.

III of Cups *

Tarot Three of CupsThe III of Cups is a card of celebration and accomplishment. It indicates the end or conclusion of any problems in the past.

This card also represents that something conceived out of love comes to fruition. The three of cups is a card of trust and harmony. Whatever you choose will be the right choice.

IV of Cups *

Tarot Four of CupsThis card signals a pause, discontent and boredom. Stability in a relationship breeds indifference and contempt; a new start needed to renew spark. New interests, activities and friends are needed. The IV of Cups might represent disappointment in someone or in a situation. You may become tired of the same old struggle that has been carried on too long in the past.

The IV of Cups suggests the person re-evaluate their life; nothing offered satisfies this person anymore. There is a need to search for a more stimulating way of life. This person is apathetic and dwells in the past. Love becomes too routine and familiar; the spark is gone; happiness has reached its peak with the person or situation.

V of Cups *

Tarot Five of CupsThe V of Cups represents non-attainment of expected results. You may lose something, though it is not that significant in itself. Perhaps relations with friends or lovers have weak foundations. You’ll be completely burned out and will want to quit or give up. You’ve done enough and won’t want to do anymore.

This card urges you to stop crying and look in another direction for happiness. Get over hurt, and then pick up remaining cups and carry on. Realize the ways your disappointment gains you experience that can help to ensure future success.

VI of Cups *

Tarot Six of CupsThis card is one that talks about the past and memories. It indicates the person is looking back; for example on childhood, happiness, enjoyment from years before which have now vanished. The answer of one’s question lies in a similar situation in the past.

In general this card denotes harmony of past associations bringing present relationships. It can represent happiness from past efforts as well as pleasant memories and the realization of a dream. Depending on the spread this card means, there are new elements entering the person’s life which are linked to the past and working through the present to create a future.

VII of Cups *

Tarot Seven of CupsVII of Cups indicates that though dreaming is beautiful and provides inspiration for action, we must at some point abandon our “castles in the sky” and begin to build those castles in our real life. A choice must be made even though the apparent multiplicity of options seems to paralyze us with either fear or excessive anticipation.

It is easy to wish for something, but not so easy to make that wish come true. This card indicates that we are faced with a time of decision; that the images in our minds must be dealt with not only in our dreams but in the world of reality. If we are constantly caught up in our own dreams, fantasies, and/or fears, we will never be able to move forward and make those dreams a reality or overcome those fears.

VIII of Cups *

Tarot Eight of CupsIt is a card indicating retreat, withdrawal and self-pity. This person uses too much caution and not enough faith; is disappointed with relationships; is weary. Take a break and make a change. It also tells of the person walking away from established relationships and affection.

This card can also indicate that there is a turning point where links in the past are severed. Don’t be afraid to leave the past behind. There’s plenty more in the world to see. Don’t be disillusioned, the future promises to be brighter. Follow your heart, do what you desire.

IX of Cups *

Tarot Nine of CupsThe Nine of Cups represents fulfillment, stability and advancement. This is a card of great success, especially material success. It represents triumph, victory, and financial well-being.

This card signals enjoyment of good personal relationships, love and friendship, as well as comfortable material circumstances are indicated. Your desires will be fulfilled, and this fulfillment will bring with it much satisfaction and contentment.

X of Cups *

Tarot Ten of CupsThe X of Cups represents a satisfaction and joy much like that experienced in the IX of Cups; the difference, however, should be quite clear. The IX of Cups represented personal attainment whereas the X of Cups represents the satisfying fulfillment of love in relationship with another.

This card is a very positive card in terms of relationships and may indicate the ultimate satisfaction of a long-term relationship. X of Cups means perfect love and concord between people. The person’s search for fulfillment is one of success. It also signifies a secure and peaceful environment.

Page of Cups *

Tarot Page of CupsPersonality traits – Studious youth, loving friend, could be a person with a youthful frame of mind; helpful, very reliable, but not strong; gentle, loving, artistic, insightful. If shown for a girl – tomboyish, boy – feminine; gentleness, sweetness, kindness. Someone who is interested in poetry and the arts, dreamy at times yet courageous when courage is needed.

The energy of this card is almost always gentle and youthful. The flavor of this card reeks of creativity and emotions. The Page of Cups can be used to identify an impressionable or emotional young person. When the Page of Cups represents a new event, the querent will react to this event in an emotional manner.

Knight of Cups *

Tarot Knight of CupsPersonality traits: Temporary enthusiasms; enthusiastic, passionate, amiable; often poetic and graceful. He is the person who is ruled by his heart rather than his head. When faced with a decision, this person will always go with what his heart tells him, whether it is logical or not.

The person with this card is often bored and needs constant stimulation. He is also refined and artistic. An amiable person but a dreamer who is easily led and gets discouraged fast. He is intelligent and tries to maintain high principles.

Queen of Cups *

Tarot Queen of CupsPersonality traits – Warm, loving, sociable, good-natured woman who is devoted and honest, sympathetic, sociable, and artistically gifted; very imaginative, honest and loyal. The Queen of Cups is admired for her fairness and honesty. She is warm-hearted and a good friend. She genuinely cares about the well-being of other people.

This woman is very imaginative as well as artistically gifted. She is romantic, has an affectionate outlook and creates a worldly atmosphere around her. She lacks common sense but is highly intuitive, psychic and dreamlike. Other people and environments are sources of easy influence for her.

King of Cups *

Tarot King of CupsPersonality traits: You may not understand him, but you can trust him. He has achieved something in life; he is sociable, loving, sensuous, and intelligent combined with strong intuition. He enjoys comforts of life and love of arts. He is responsible and generous. He is a master of compassion and kindness.

On the other hand, this could be the type of man that commands respect but not love. He is a natural born manipulator. He has achieved his position in life by the use of his gift for reading people. He avoids taking people into his confidence and prefers to work in secret behind the scenes. He craves power, he is driven by hidden motives and people around him both fear and distrust him.

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