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Tarot Wands

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Wands: a powerful force but hard to control.

Wands represent your spirit; your passions, your drive and your projects.

Ace of Wands *

Tarot Ace of WandsThe essence of fire, this card denotes a new job, career or enterprise is in the making for the querent. This card signals creativity, inventiveness, ambition and enthusiasm. It is a card that in principle symbolizes the beginning of something.

It can be a birth, an idea, the starting point of an enterprise. Ace of Wands can mean the aggressive pursuit of new ventures. The foundation created for future successes, the person uses their intuition well. It is also a card of manhood and artistic innovation.

II of Wands *

Tarot Two of WandsThe number two represents a union, the joining together of often opposing force. The Two of Wands represents the beginning of clarity, the formulation of the spark of inspiration into an idea which can be carried out.

In practical terms this card indicates success that has been achieved through hard work. The querent has strength of character and is making sure that their ideas come to fruition. They use their power and wisdom responsibly as it was gained through experience. The Two of Wands means the person is taking control of their territory with action. They are making something their own.

III of Wands *

Tarot Three of WandsThe Three of Wands indicates you are in a position of strength as you control what happens around you. This is a card of vision and foresight – looking for greater possibilities.

The Three of Wands tells you that now is the time to accept your vision and be confident that you will achieve it. This card indicates you are being encouraged to move fearlessly into new areas; you are in the right place at the right time lending to your success; successful ventures are launched and there is inspiration of original ideas. Your success lies in the courage of your convictions. Your plans and ventures are moving ahead.

IV of Wands *

Tarot Four of WandsThe Four of Wands indicates general good fortune, satisfaction, and fulfillment. The four indicates a sense of harmony and balance as well as completion, and thus symbolizes a time of peace and joy in life that comes as the result of often difficult and challenging effort.

The Four of Wands indicates the successful completion of the initial stage of a project. It indicates that now is a good time to move in new directions. When we see this card in our spread it means that we can see the coming together of ideas.

V of Wands *

Tarot Five of WandsWhen we see this card in a spread it warns of problems and upheavals that cannot be avoided. This card lets you know there is a major competition going on. What the Five of Wands is saying to you is you need to experience what competition really means and requires; respect your opponent, but stand up for your point of view; refuse to be a victim.

This card is also representative of a group of people who are committed to an end but they cannot fully agree on how to effectuate this goal as each has his/her individual agenda as to how to bring this to fruition. The struggle represented in the Five of Wands represents the challenges presented to any vision or creative effort by the world or by one’s competitors.

VI of Wands *

Tarot Six of WandsThe VI of Wands indicates triumph/victory in your situation. You’ll be able to progress in the development of your best interests. This card indicates you want to get on with things in your life; success and acclaim for all your hard work is signaled.

This card represents an achievement or success in the pursuit of a creative venture. A struggle has been overcome, the goal has been reached, and it is publicly acknowledged and celebrated. This card may also mean you can overcome obstacles with tact and diplomacy rather than by the use of force.

VII of Wands *

Tarot Seven of WandsThe VII of Wands is all about struggle. It’s about standing up for who we are and what we are; negotiation is over when this card appears; you are feeling outnumbered. The good news is that you are able to defend yourself against the onslaught. It will require great skill, and you need to use your courage and determination to win.

The VII of Wands signals that the creative, successful individual must continually struggle to maintain his or her position at the “top”. Where there is public acclaim then you must expect competition and challenge.

VIII of Wands *

Tarot Eight of WandsThe VIII of Wands indicates quick change and action. It will be important to have all your resources available to be used in your best interests. This card indicates that you want to speed things up. You’re approaching your goal, but your affairs are not completely ready yet.

This card creates a narrow channel through which the energy rushes, so it requires a very focused kind of speed and rapid advancement. Beware because this haste could result in wrong decisions being made.

IX of Wands *

Tarot Nine of WandsThe Nine of Wands represents a man who has been knocked down and around, beaten, yet he has overcome all that he has gone through. He has fought the battle and won. He appears drained and weary as he leans on his wand, but is ready to go to battle again. He stands up for what he believes in and holds firm in those beliefs. He is secure in who he is.

How often do we give up just before we finally achieve success? This card is a sign of hope and encouragement. One last test or challenge remains. You feel as if you’ve come to the end of your fighting powers, but you have skill and determination in reserve. You’re actually in a position of strength.

X of Wands *

Tarot Ten of WandsThis card represents reaping a bountiful reward for hard work. It is your own success after a long and perhaps difficult struggle, while at the same time, it indicates that you might have more on your plate (or back) than you can possibly handle.

You are being overwhelmed. Life and everything in it becomes a burden and each little task just adds weight. When you are over-committed everything becomes a strain; perhaps some obligations have to go. The overload is not through choice or planning, but just “happened” as a part of life. This is a person who “bends over backwards”, often in a relationship, in order to try and make it work.

Page of Wands *

Tarot Page of WandsPersonality traits – The Page of the Wands is a trusted friend who is devoted to your interests. His intentions will be honorable. You need not fear trusting what he has to say on the behalf of another person.

This card indicates the person needs to break free of oppression or stagnation in business or find a solution to problems. Change is in the air and a new approach is at hand. This could come through a friend who will help you to ‘see the light’ or attain a new perspective. The Page of Wands could also indicate a new beginning of a practical, business or career nature, such as a new job, a new development in the person’s career field.

Knight of Wands *

Tarot Knight of WandsPersonality traits – This is a person who loves action. The fiery element of the wands gives him an enthusiastic and innovating approach which is a great help to get things started. Knight of Wands is best described as a sudden and impetuous nature and hasty in everything, but a generous friend or lover.

Where the Page of Wands represents the immature beginnings of a new idea or creative adventure that exists only as a “castle in the sky”; the Knight of Wands represents the active pursuit of that adventure. Although he moves quickly his actions make sense later on in hindsight.

Queen of Wands *

Tarot Queen of WandsPersonality traits – The Queen of Wands has a fiery, passionate personality with a quick temper. She is ambitious and capable, very results oriented and won’t let anything or anyone stand in her way.

You might have recently met (or will meet) someone you could have a relationship with and are wondering if you should, or if you will. True guidance proves itself, in that it brings with it the action, or ability to carry it out. On the other hand someone may prove to be pushy and manipulative.

King of Wands *

Tarot King of WandsPersonality traits – The King of Wands is the insignia of power and authority. He is also a passionate guy who will sweep you off your feet. He’s always looking for the bigger, better deal. The King of Wands is the political activist, an artist, or a race car driver. He is a “born-leader” card.

This card represents energy, excitement and confidence. A King of Wands type person is someone people naturally flock to and follow. The King of Wands is able to get things done. Curiously, the King of Wands often does this by getting other people to do the work for him!

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