Love Tarot Spreads

Love Tarot Spreads

In many Tarot spreads, love is the name of the game! Check some popular relationship spreads…

Relationships in our lives can make us happy or make us miserable. When love is at stake, we always crave for additional insights and new points-of-view. When my friends ask me to read cards for their love life, the same relationship situations repeat quite often. So, here are some “love reading” spreads I gradually came up with.

You Met Somebody

In simple words: is he (or she) the one?

Let’s take the look at positions in this spread:

You Met Somebody Spread


1. What you should now: this card will let your subconscious tell you what you should be aware of in this particular situation, either about yourself or about the other person. For example: your fears may be limiting your options, or the other person’s expectations are an obstacle in reality.

2. Sexual chemistry: how do you feel about the other person sexually? How much is this important to you? Your intuition might warn you to pay attention to some aspect of this (potentially) sexual relationship.

3. Emotional connection: do you feel purely positive energy between the two of you? If the energy is mixed, you should better be aware what are positive and what are negative factors here.

4. External influences: there may be circumstances greatly influencing this relationship’s success. It might be career; it might be other people, for example, family.

5. Long term potential: is this just for fun or is it a keeper? Whatever it is you are looking for, your subconscious surely does have strong opinion on this.

6. Outcome: where the situation is heading? That is, where is it heading if you continue on the path you are currently on.

Problem in Relationship

Humans are complicated. A relationship involves two people, and because of that, it is even much more complicated. That’s probably the reason why the complications in our relationships never stop.

Here is the spread I often use to get insights for a relationship problem:

Relationship Problem Spread


1. What’s really bothering you? Maybe, you are perfectly aware of the problem, but much more important is how do you feel about it. And, WHY? Don’t try to be objective; relationship success is all about feelings.

2. Your needs that need to be tended to. We admire people who know what they want. You might be one of them. But what do you need? It is not the same.

3. Another person’s needs that are not fulfilled. This card as well as previous are a “hole” in your relationship and represent a big part of problem’s root cause.

4. This card tells you about negative influences on the current situation. If you want to succeed with the relationship, you should address them somehow, or at least, be aware of them.

5. What needs to change between two of you to move on? This isn’t necessarily something dramatic. It can can be something seemingly small and mundane. Remember, your life consists of all the precious moments in each and every day. Maybe even more so than of big and earth-shaking events.

6. Outcome: where is the situation is heading if nothing changes? If you do what you have always been doing, you will get the same result. If you want something to change, YOU have to change first.

Finding Love

When we are alone, we all desire to meet someone special, hopefully, the significant other, but meeting someone interesting is not easy by any means. How do you go about finding a new person that deserves your attention?

This spread will help you to be level with yourself and improve your chances.

Finding Love Spread


1. This card represents your hopes and your REAL expectations…

2. … and this card is about your fears and your limiting beliefs. Do try to be honest with yourself about what these two cards are telling you. It’s not the time to play an act, especially with yourself.

3. What do you need to change? It may be everything is fine and someone quite interesting is just around a corner, or you might be messing up your chances yourself. In order to be BE the one that FINDS the one, you have to be real level with yourself.

4. Do you already know this person? Maybe your professional relationship made you blind to this possibility, or you discarded him/her as out of your league. Avoid instantly putting people in neat categories. To recognize their personality, you MUST see them as individual human beings, especially when you need to get through to those you find interesting.

5. What do you really feel when you look at the Outcome card? Do you feel confident in your future or you get that uneasy feeling?

Outcome is, in fact, related to “What needs to change?” card. Examine those two cards together. If you don’t change anything, the outcome will be what your subconscious (not your rational mind!) expects it to be. If you feel happy about the outcome, great. Otherwise, stop and think real hard about the change you need to start with the help from insights you got from the “Hopes” and “Fears” cards.

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